The Overton Group

Executive Search Consultants to Management


Since its formation in 1986 the Overton has conducted nearly 1000 searches for more than 150 different organizations covering a broad spectrum of industries and categories. Strom has personally lead more than 200 retained executive search engagements in a wide variety of functions and specialties.

Each client and search project is unique and while Overton has a proven process to achieve success, this process must be tailored to the client's specific culture, objectives and timing.

The foundation of our experience is in how we approach and treat people whether clients or candidates. The brief but intense interaction between a retained search consultant and the client and candidates must be based on mutual trust. It is important for the consultant to understand that if the candidate is married a career move may impact a spouse and particularly if relocation is required, it can be a stressful time for a family.

Our experience also has been that it may take several meetings and conversations between a candidate and client for each to start to gain an understanding of culture, motivations, expectations, initiative, integrity, leadership and judgement. We are always supportive of third party evaluations or assessments.

Finally our experience has demonstrated that corporate cultures as well as individual personalities are slow to change. During the interview process each participant attempts to learn what they can in order to make the best decision possible. The executive search consultant adds value by facilitating this process.

Overton’s strength has always been recruiting for Midwestern companies and appreciating the values and work ethic of many of the Midwest’s larger and smaller businesses.

We offer thoughtful, dedicated, ethical and resourceful professional services with consideration for both our clients’ needs and timing and candidates concerns and career goals.